Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What materials are used for the vehicle graphics?Q. Are NV vehicle graphics available in all locations?Q. Can graphics damage the exterior or paint of the NV?Q. How accurate are the colors displayed on my computer compared to what I'll see on my vehicle?Q. How long will my vehicle graphics last?Q. Can I have my own logo and graphics installed on my vehicle?Q. What type of file types can I upload?Q. What happens if I want to remove my graphics? Will there be left over residue, stains or deposits?Q. If I have them removed, are the vehicle graphics recyclable?Q. At what locations can I have the vehicle graphics installed?Q. How can weather such as wind, rain, heat and cold affect my vehicle graphics?Q. What is the customer service contact number?Q. How much do vehicle graphics cost?Q. What is your return policy?Q. What happens if damage occurs during the installation process?Q. How long does it take to order and have my graphics applied?Q. Where will my order be shipped to?